King Abdullah II reiterates condemnation to terrorism

03 September 2004

His Majesty King Abdullah II on Friday renewed condemnation to terrorism that inflicts innocent people.

Extremists will not silence the voice of real Islam that puts tolerance and peace in the highest positions, he said in the ceremonies to receive the honorary doctorate from the International Relations Institute (IRI) in Moscow.

The values of my homeland and religion pushes forward the process of genuine reform which people in the Middle East at large feel its consequences. His Majesty said.

Addressing professors and students of the institute which inherited the Russian Foreign Relations Institute, established in the 19th century, and is due to mark its sixtieth anniversary, His Majesty said that successful reform is that which comes from inside.

The Arab people will not accept imposed measures or any policies that ignore our history and culture, he added. Only nationally born processes can generate energy and commitment needed for success, he added.

President of IRI Anatoli Turkunov said that IRI is proud to grant the honorary doctorate to His Majesty King Abdullah II who is from the most honorable and old royal dynasties in the world. His Majesty is one of the most paramount Middle eastern leaders who the world at large listen to their opinions, he added.

Due to His Majesty's efforts on the Russian arena, the Jordanian Russian relations witness great development, Turkonov said. He expressed regret that the Royal visit coincides with the kidnapping of schoolchildren.

IRI, which teaches international relations, law and international economy, has scientific agreements with the various countries of the world , including Jordan, where more than one hundred students study in the University of Jordan and the Diplomatic Institute.

IRI keeps valuable Arab manuscripts that date back to the middle ages.