At the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit

Remarks by His Majesty King Abdullah II

At the 2021 P4G Seoul Summit

30 May 2021
(Via teleconference)


In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

Dear friends,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak at this important Summit, which comes at a critical time to galvanise governments, businesses, and civil society from across the globe into action to safeguard our planet and our shared future.

For us in Jordan, the impact of climate change is a painful reality. It has unrecognisably transformed parts of our landscape and aspects of our ecosystem. Dead Sea water levels have been shrinking at an average rate of 1 metre per year.

We have one of the lowest levels of water availability per capita in the world. Diminishing aquifers and low rain accumulation are pressing concerns, as we continue to share the little water we have with millions of refugees. 

Fully aware of the existential magnitude of climate change, Jordan has recently launched a National Green Growth Action Plan focused on green recovery from COVID-19, with measures to upscale energy efficiency, strengthen our resilience and adaptation in water and agriculture, and mainstream climate change in our local development planning.

Jordan has made strides adopting climate-smart public private partnership frameworks, and we are party to key international environmental agreements, including the Paris Agreement, the Montreal Protocol, and the Rio Conventions.

However, these agreements mean nothing without tangible progress in implementation to advance environmental stewardship for future generations, and provide international support for nations on the frontlines of climate change.

An investment’s success should no longer be measured merely through financial gain; its environmental benefits and sustainability must be key.

My friends,

The threat of climate change is not the problem of one country or region alone. A drought in California, a flood in Kenya, or a wildfire in Australia; they all reverberate across the planet to threaten our very existence.

God says in the Quran: "The Earth, [God] placed it for [all] creatures."

It is our collective responsibility to make sure it stays that way, a sustainable, vibrant home for all.