Press Room

His Majesty King Abdullah II Wednesday hailed the private sector's response of cooperation with some international bodies pertaining the King's initiative of establishing Jordanian Investment Fund.
19 June 2002
His majesty King Abdullah II Wednesday discussed with World Bank Vice-President for the Middle East and North Africa Jean Lewis Jordan's relations with the bank , particularly the bank's assistance to the Kingdom's economic and development programs.
19 June 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah II discussed with General Boze Mouzly, Commander of American Central Command's Air Force, relations between Jordan and USA, particularly fields of cooperation between the two countries' armed forces.
18 June 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah II has expressed optimism on reaching a solution to the Arab Israeli conflict in the near future due to the pressures being exercised by the international community including the UN, Russia, Europe and many other countries who all believe that such a solution is inevitable.
18 June 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah II Monday received the visiting General Secretary of World Tourism Organization (WTO) Francesco Franchali, and assistant David Develiere, who are expected to participate in WTO Executive Committee meeting due to start in Petra city Tuesday.
17 June 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah II Sunday was briefed on the steps taken to accomplish Arab Natural Gas project from Areesh in Egypt to Aqaba, Jordan.
16 June 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah II Saturday returned home following a European tour including France, Belgium and Britain. <br><br> The king&#039;s talks with European officials focused on ending the circle of violence and defusing tension in the Palestinian territories, in addition to conveying the Arab viewpoint regarding the Arab Israeli conflict which is still pressing development efforts in the region and Arab countries in particular.
15 June 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah II and Egyptian President Muhammad Husni Mubarak Saturday reviewed over phone the developments on the Palestinian territories and the Arab and international moves pertaining stopping the circle of violence in the region.
15 June 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah II expressed cautious optimism that US and the international community will act together to lay the base that would make Palestinians , Arabs and Israelis go ahead to achieve peace in the region. In an interview with 3rd French TV Channel, His Majesty stressed that the only people that can determine the Palestinians&#039; future are the Palestinians themselves. This should be clear and understood by all, he said.
13 June 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah II and President of the European Commission Roman Brudi on Wednesday discussed Jordan-Euro ties of cooperation in the wake of the Euro-Jordanian Association Agreement which came into effect last May.
12 June 2002