King Returns Home

18 March 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah returned home on Tuesday after a visit to United Arab Emirates and Qatar during which he held talks with Sheikh Zayed Ben Sultan and Sheikh Hamad Ben Khalifeh.

The talks of His Majesty emphasized on the mechanisms of supporting bilateral cooperation between Jordan and the two countries in addition to the developments in the Middle East especially the situation in the Palestinian lands and the Iraqi crisis.

His Majesty was officially seen off at Doha airport by Qatari Emir and senior officials.

In a Royal gesture, His Majesty accompanied journalist Firas Al-Majali back to Jordan after being pardoned through a Qatari royal decree.

His Majesty expressed appreciation for the Qatari Emir on his brotherly initiative which embodied the strong brotherly ties.

Majali expressed his deep gratitude for the efforts exerted by the King since his arrest on Jan.9th, 2002 which embodies the attention the King gives to his people.