The King, President Zeimin Attend the Signing of an Economic Cooperation Agreement

17 January 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II and China`s President Jiang Zeimin Thursday at The Great Peoples` Hall held talks where they affirmed their countries` keenness to bolster joint cooperation and to strengthen economic, political and cultural ties.

Chinese investments in the Kingdom are expected to grow within the next few years after Jordan-U.S Free Trade Agreement FTA took effect last month and in light of the noticeable success of Chinese firms operating countrywide.

Later, the King and President Zeimin attended the signing of Jordan-China Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement by which China will grant Jordan $1,150,000 to carry out ventures to be bilaterally agreed upon.

Planning Minister Basem Awed Allah signed the agreement on behalf of the Jordanian government and Chinese trade minister on behalf of his country.

The two leaders held talks on the region`s latest development, particularly the deteriorating situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and efforts exerted to defuse tensions to pave the way to a peaceful settlement for the present crisis. They stressed the urgent need to resume stalled Middle East peace talks as the sole outlet to solving the current serious security stalemate.

The King updated President Zeimin on peacemaking maneuvering to deescalate tensions in the occupied Palestine , saying "the only means to break the spiral of violence is through reviving peace process and implementing Security Council resolutions 242 and 338".

The King expressed heartfelt appreciation to China`s supportive stances to Arabs causes , saying "we hail China`s stance that calls on rejuvenating Middle East peace process and on categorically rejecting Israel`s policy of blockades and curfew".

The Monarch and Zeimin stressed the urgent need to exert further diplomatic efforts to lift 11-year-old embargo imposed against Iraq and to launch a practical UN-Iraq dialogue to alleviate the plight of the Iraqi people.

Talks also touched on the situation in Afghanistan and international efforts to combat terrorism.