King meets women activists; stresses role of women in ensuring success of Jordan’s political modernisation process

10 January 2022

His Majesty King Abdullah on Monday stressed that youth and women are a driving force in all tracks of the reform process.

During a meeting with women activists at Al Husseiniya Palace, King Abdullah noted the importance of promoting engagement with political parties.

His Majesty urged the effective contribution of women in political reform efforts, calling on them to forge ahead and not to shy away from participation.

The King underscored the value of the active role and contribution of women to the success of political modernisation in the upcoming phase, noting the importance of women’s voices in this process.

His Majesty said he has directed state institutions to step up work to bolster the role of women and empower them, removing obstacles to increasing women’s representation in the labour market and economic development.

Speaking at the meeting, the attendees highlighted the need to raise public awareness in relation to participation in political parties, especially at schools and universities, and the need to emphasise women’s active role in partisan and political life.

Attendees pointed out that modernisation is a must to move forward, which will not be possible without women’s empowerment and active participation.

They also stressed the need to uphold the rule of law and develop the social system to increase women’s participation and promote their engagement in various fields.

Discussing the need to bolster women’s representation in decision-making positions, attendees praised the outcomes of the Royal Committee to Modernise the Political System related to women empowerment.

Royal Hashemite Court Chief Yousef Issawi and Director of the Office of His Majesty Jafar Hassan attended the meeting.