King Inaugurates Jordanian Media City

25 March 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah on Monday inaugurated the Jordanian Media City, project launched under an agreement concluded between the Jordanian government and Dallah Company for Media Production which runs Arab Radio and Television (ART). The city, installed in Um Al Heran south of Amman, is a nucleus of broader project to establish a free media zone under the agreement.

The opening of the city by King Abdullah is part of His Majesties efforts to develop Jordan's capabilities to become a center for media technology progress in the region . In his tour last week which took him to the United States, King Abdullah accompanied a team of Jordanian TV producers to Los Angeles to give them a chance to meet the most prominent TV producers in the world.

The media city aims to install and develop TV studios that will be furnished with the most-up-to-date photographic, recording and montage devices, thus becoming a major center for TV production in the Arab world. The city will also serve as a relay station receiving and re-transmitting programs of several satellite channels.

Board Chairman of the city Saleh Kamel, who is also ART Board Chairman said the opening of the city in Amman confirms Jordan's belief in the human being's role as the major driving force for development and progress.

The city will help create job opportunities for Jordanian workers interested in TV programs production, he said .

So far about $20 m. has been invested in the project, which offered 50 job opportunities , said Director of the City's Planning and Engineering Department Fares Lubbadeh . The city has become a center to transmit programs of 20 channels on Nile Sat and 11 channels on Arab sat, he added. He said ART will gradually move its facilities from its present location in Italy to the media city in Amman.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Prime Minister, Royal Court Chief and a number of cabinet ministers .