King directs government to draft general pardon law marking Silver Jubilee

20 March 2024

His Majesty King Abdullah II on Wednesday directed the government to draft a general pardon law and proceed with its constitutional stages.

The Royal directives come on the occasion of His Majesty’s Silver Jubilee.

The King stressed the need for the draft law to safeguard public interests, as well as personal and civil rights, in line with the principles of justice and the rule of law, adding that it must avoid harm to national security and social stability.

His Majesty said the general pardon bill should alleviate the challenges and pressures facing citizens, and give those who have made mistakes an opportunity to correct their course and behaviour, as well as spread positivity, tolerance, and forgiveness in society.

The King expressed hope that the pardon would offer a chance to those at correctional and rehabilitation centres to return to their social lives, and to actively engage within society, while respecting the rule of law and citizens’ rights.