King Abdullah II`s talks with Cheney

12 March 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II and American Vice President Dick Cheney Tuesday discussed the developments of situations in the Palestinian territories and the Iraqi issue, in addition to mechanisms of boosting bilateral relations between Jordan and USA.

During a closed meeting followed by an expanded one, King Abdullah II and Cheney reviewed the critical situation due to consistent Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people and incursion into Palestinian territories.

His Majesty expressed hope that Zenni`s mission will be a success to save the situation and fix ceasefire . He stressed the importance of the American role to make ending the circle of violence a success, the matter which will pave the way for bringing the peace process back to normal track and implement the international legitimacy resolutions that ensure the Palestinian people`s right of statehood on their national soil.

The talks focused also on the Iraqi issue where His Majesty expressed hope of achieving a solution for all pending issues with Iraq through dialogue and peaceful means. His Majesty expressed Jordan`s concern from the consequences of a potential strike against Iraq and the danger it would impose on the region`s stability and security.

The talks focused also on bilateral relations between Jordan and USA , particularly, in the economic field, where His Majesty pointed out to the importance of assistance US affords and their positive consequences on achieving sustainable development in Jordan.