King Abdullah II receives World bank Deputy Director

19 June 2002

His majesty King Abdullah II Wednesday discussed with World Bank Vice-President for the Middle East and North Africa Jean Lewis Jordan's relations with the bank , particularly the bank's assistance to the Kingdom's economic and development programs.

During a meeting attended by Royal Court Chief and Planning Minister, the King an Lewis discussed the future cooperation program between Jordan and the bank which includes the bank's continuous financial and technical support to Jordanian projects, particularly in human resources investment and developing the public sector performance in addition to education, health and infrastructure development projects.

King Abdullah expressed Jordan's appreciation to the bank's technical contribution the social and economic transformation program being carried out by the Jordanian government.

Lewis affirmed that the World Bank would work seriously with Jordan to implement His Majesty's vision to develop education, information technology, health and economy in general.

King Abdullah thanked the bank for supporting "Arab Audio Net", a program aimed to introduce computer skills and, IT and video to some school textbooks taught at the Jubilee School of King Hussein Foundation, (KHF).

King Abdullah expressed support to the program carried out by KHF in cooperation with the bank with the aim of upgrading Jordanian human resources skills and potentials.

Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein briefed His Majesty King Abdullah on KHF's activities including its initiative to establish King Hussein's Center for Leadership in Amman in commemoration of the legacy of the Late King Hussein and his role as one of the greatest leaders in the twentieth century.

Lewis described the bank's relations with Jordan as a "distinguished partnership." " We have a very effective program in Jordan and too much investment because we believe in the future of this country," he said in a statement to Petra following the meeting.

In particular, we have investment in the education sector and the bank dispatched a team two weeks ago prepare for a major project in this area, Lewis added. We also cooperate with Jordan in carrying out infrastructure projects such as water conveyance to Amman and the gas pipeline, he said.

King Abdullah's vision is not only for Jordan but to the whole region and to peace in this area.