King Abdullah II receives Energy Ministers and Cypriot Minster

16 June 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II Sunday was briefed on the steps taken to accomplish Arab Natural Gas project from Areesh in Egypt to Aqaba, Jordan.

During an audience today with energy ministers of Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, and Minster of Trade, Economy and Tourism of Cyprus , His Majesty expressed support to this Arab vital project which embodies success of joint Arab action. He pointed out that Jordan puts its utmost capabilities to speedup accomplishing this project within the agreed upon timetable.

His Majesty was briefed also by Jordanian Minister of Energy and Mineral Wealth Muhammad Batayneh, on the steps taken to lay the gas line pipe from Aqaba, southern Jordan, to the northern part of the Kingdom, where it will later be extended to Syria and Lebanon.

Jordan is considering the usage of gas rather than other fuel in the various fields, particularly cars, where it is much less costly and less harmful to environment.

Egyptian Minister of Energy expressed his country's readiness to help Jordan in this field.

Energy ministers of Jordan, Egypt , Syria and Lebanon prepared a memo of understanding to be extended to their governments for the establishment of Arab Corporation for Gas Transport and Marketing. The door will be open for participation of other Arab countries.

They agreed also on preparing the Arab company project to lay the gas line from the northern part of the Kingdom to Syria and Lebanon, where the private sector will have the opportunity to participate. The Cypriot Minister expressed his country's readiness interest to benefit from this project for electricity generation purposes, as the gas line will be extended in the future from Banyas, on the Syrian coast to Cyprus.

Egyptian energy Minister Sameh Fehmi told JTV that the meeting with His Majesty King Abdullah II was very important. He extended congratulations to His Majesty and to Egyptian President Muhammad Husni Mubarak and other Arab leaderships on this accomplishment.