King Abdullah II Calls for Enhancing Cooperation Among Leaderships

20 October 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II received on Monday the award of Pioneering in E-Business, which is presented by Arab Business Magazine.

Crown Prince of Dubai Sheik Mohammed bin Rashed Al-Maktoom presented the award to His Majesty King Abdullah at grand ceremony.

In a brief statement during the ceremony the King stressed the necessity for enhancing inter-Arab relations and cooperation and drawing up plans to establish an Arab and regional software union as a first step towards enhancing the Arab-regional relations.

"We can work together as partners and brothers to achieve a goal, which is the regional growth and achieving technological development in the region," the King said. At the same time we can build resources and launch initiatives that complement each other", the King added.

"I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of all Jordanian leaders in the field of information technology," His Majesty said, adding that many Jordanians count on the telecommunications and information technology to develop and qualify Jordanian human resources.

The King congratulated Sheik Mohammed on the successes achieved by Dubai city in impelling technological development, and outlined Jordan's achievements and innovation in the IT sector.

"Our Jordanian institutions are working side by side to build educational initiatives based on our technological capabilities, and we seek to link schools, colleges and universities to strong network," the King said.