His Majesty King Abdullah II Arrives to Singapore

16 January 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II is due Thursday to start an official visit to China where he will meet with Chinese President Ziang Zemen and representatives of firms and economic activities in Peking, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Prior to his arrival to Peking , His Majesty Discussed in Singapore, where he arrived Wednesday, with Prime Minister Chong Kok fields of joint cooperation between the two countries and means to further develop bilateral relations , particularly in the fields of investment and trade.

His Majesty, and Kok, who held a dinner banquette on the King`s honor, agreed on cementing relations of cooperation between the two countries` private sectors . His Majesty pointed out that Jordan looks forward to follow up the Singapore model to achieve economic development in the Kingdom .

During His Majesty`s meeting with Lee Kuan Yew, the distinguished builder of modern Singapore, the King hailed the remarkable economic level Singapore has achieved and Kuan`s role in leading this success. His Majesty pointed out that Singapore has become a model for several countries in the world .

Within the framework of efforts His Majesty carries out to attract foreign investors to Jordan and benefit from the investment opportunities the Jordanian economy affords, His Majesty met with a group of businessmen working in Singapore in the fields of communications, information technology, infrastructure projects, electricity, water and mineral industries. The King briefed them on the development the Jordanian economy has achieved during the few past years and the steps taken to rehabilitate human resources and develop their capabilities, in order to afford job opportunities for big projects.

His Majesty reaffirmed the government`s keenness on setting all facilitations before the investors and to afford the legislative and organization environment that would ensure positive outcome for their investment . He pointed out to the accomplishments Jordan has achieved which lead to the signature of free trade agreement with with USA, Europe and Arab countries.

King Abdullah II met with Minister of Relations and Telecommunications of Singapore David Lim, and was briefed by Chairman of Telecommunications and Information Authority on Singapore`s unique experience in the field of electronic government , which started twenty years ago and is considered one of the most successful experiences in the world.