Letter to Hani Mulki accepting his resignation

From King Abdallah II of Jordan
To Hani Mulki
RE: Resignation of Prime Minister Hani Mulki
04 June 2018
Translated from Arabic

Your Excellency Dr Hani Mulki,

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you,

I am pleased to convey to you and your colleague ministers my greetings and appreciation for your efforts in serving our beloved Jordan.

I have received your letter of resignation as prime minister, in which you expressed deep loyalty to the homeland, and your commitment to upholding your responsibilities and duties.

I express my deep appreciation to you and your Cabinet colleagues for your dedication and commitment to your duties and responsibilities, bravely taking difficult decisions that were not popular but were in the higher interest of the nation. You have endured a tremendous burden for the sake of the homeland and citizens, especially amidst these difficult conditions, which have brought major challenges before us all.

The challenges surrounding our beloved Jordan are unprecedented in their complexity, multitude, and sprawling impact. They include regional challenges directly at our borders, and extend well beyond them. This nation has never shied away from resolutely and persistently taking on challenges at the political, security, social, and economic levels. Therefore, we have become a model and an example of stability, integrity, and moderation, maintaining strong and balanced Arab, Islamic, and international relations without falling into unacceptable polarised alliances.

However, unrelenting developments over several years have directly impacted economic and fiscal conditions, leading to increasing pressure on the Treasury and the commercial and investment sectors, which have affected growth rates. With the state forced to increase spending to shoulder responsibilities on behalf of the international community, our Treasury and citizens have suffered from funding shortfalls and hikes in prices of many items and basic commodities. This has had a direct impact on citizens’ standards of living and their livelihoods. These developments came in parallel to a sharp drop in [foreign] aid, which had previously enabled our country to ensure regional security and serve brotherly refugees who have fled to this free, brave land.

You, along with your ministerial team, have exerted your utmost efforts to counter the accumulating financial deficits by persistently pressing ahead with comprehensive reform and seeking alternatives. The situation remains critical and requires everyone’s awareness and caution.

As I accept your resignation and your Cabinet’s resignation, I entrust this government to continue as caretaker until a new Cabinet is formed. And I reaffirm my appreciation of you and your fellow ministers for all your efforts in service of your homeland. You will always be worthy of our trust and held in the highest esteem. I pray that God Almighty protect you all and justly reward you for your efforts.

Peace, God's mercy and blessings be upon you.

Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein