To Ali Abul Ragheb

From King Abdallah II of Jordan
(Letter of re-designation)
To Ali Abul Ragheb
20 July 2003
Translated from Arabic

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate,

Your Excellency Ali Abul Ragheb, the prime minister,

Peace, God’s mercy and His blessings upon you,

Greetings of affection, appreciation and recognition to you and your colleagues, the ministers, who have shouldered a hefty responsibility alongside you during the past three years,

I received your letter of resignation, in which you articulate what is well known to us of your loyalty, of your sense of belonging and of responsibility, sincerity and excellence. Such performance has been demonstrated in the execution of your of duties. We herewith express our deep pride in what this government has accomplished, and the challenges it has faced, whether locally, regionally or internationally. In particular, we extend special gratitude to all those who worked and contributed to the successful completion of the parliamentary elections, which we wanted to be conducted with utmost integrity and transparency.

As we accept the resignation of your cabinet, we re-designate you to form a new government. We aspire to continue the course we began in reforms, development, and modernisation of all aspects of life in Jordan. We aim to complete the building of a state of institutions and law, to enhance the society of justice and equality, thus bringing about comprehensive development that would secure a dignified life for all citizens, in our beloved country.

Your Excellency,

This stage in our national course, which witnesses Parliament's resumption of its work, and its active participation in our democratic life, demands the highest degree of cooperation and spirit of team work amongst the three authorities and all civil society institutions. Such cooperation will accelerate the pace of achievement and construction. Our cooperation should draw a time frame for realising the aims to which we aspire, based upon our pursuing the following solid national goals:

First, safeguarding our national unity, protecting it from any interference or abuse is a basic foundation in the hierarchy of our national priorities.

Second, justice is the base of governance. All citizens are equal by law, and none has preference over another, except in the extent of his/her offerings to this nation. Justice requires equal opportunities for all. Justice dictates as well the distribution of development dividends to all parts of the nation, among all social sectors. In turn, this demands that corruption, favouritism and the exploitation of positions for personal, factional or sectional interests be combated.

Third, our democratic course is our way of life. It is a course we chose and one to which we are committed. It is therefore imperative that we enhance democracy and consolidate its foundations by developing political life, invigorating the role of political parties, and that of civil society institutions.

Fourth, the development to which we aspire is comprehensive, and should not be implemented in one area at the expense of another. Development is an integral process, and we should accordingly continue to execute plans and programmes that deal with our economic situation, combat poverty and unemployment, attract investments, instigate reform and modernise our educational and administrative programmes.

Fifth, we must be open to the world in order to benefit from the experiences of others. Interaction with the world defines this age. Our endeavour in this regard over the past few years, thanks be to God, has reaped many benefits to our homeland. Our good relations and interactions with the world have borne fruit on the economic and political levels. However, further efforts should be exerted to build more bridges of cooperation with the outside world, in order to benefit from their experiences and resources.

Sixth, Jordan has been, and will remain, God willing, an integral part of its Arab nation. Jordan will support the Arab nation's causes under all circumstances and conditions. Enhancing our relations with our Arab brethren, as well as our support of joint Arab efforts, remains a duty we ceaselessly endeavour to uphold. Therefore, we are committed to support our Palestinian brethren and their leadership with all our efforts and resources, until they establish their independent state on their national soil, with Jerusalem as its capital.

As for our Iraq, our relationship will continue to be one between brotherly states. We will continue to support our Iraqi brethren, vouch for the integrity of Iraqi land, and for the Iraqi people's right to elect their own leadership and determine their future.

Your Excellency,

Your government has designed, over the course of the past three years, many programmes and plans with an aim to achieve comprehensive development that would directly and noticeably reflect on the life of citizens. Thank God, a considerable amount has been achieved. However the course for the execution of these plans and programmes shall be maintained and the pace of such execution and achievement shall be maintained. We are confident and optimistic that we are drawing closer to fulfilment of the aspirations of our people in terms of development efforts, and the well-being of the sons and daughters of our beloved country.

I beseech God Almighty to support you in carrying this hefty responsibility. You will find in us all the support and backing that you may need. We look forward to receiving the names of your selected fellow ministers, who you have chosen to assist you in shouldering this responsibility.

Peace, God’s mercy and His blessings upon you,

Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein
Amman, 20 July 2003