To Adnan Badran

From King Abdallah II of Jordan
To Adnan Badran
05 April 2005
Translated from Arabic

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate,

Your Excellency Adnan Badran,

May God bless you,

Now that the time has come, and governments are successive, we seize the opportunity to reaffirm that change in government is only a journey of accumulative achievement. Each stage has its prerequisites, and the previous government, as former governments, have achieved much.

Our vision is reflected in the evident development that our country is witnessing. Yet, aspirations exceed achievements. It is imperative to continue the journey and learn from past experiences. We live in a turbulent region, surrounded by global challenges. However, we are confident in the strength of our will and we are determined to move forward, motivated by a brighter future for all Jordanians.

We pride ourselves for being the first to adopt reform and to assume a pioneering role in the region. Reform is a comprehensive and long-term process, although we are certain that the fruits of reform will ripen in time.

Reform demands the participation and effective contribution of all segments of society to face its political, economic and social challenges.

Moreover, reform cannot be realised without constructive communication with Parliament. Equally important is the active role of Parliament in meeting the challenges of reform.

We are determined to accelerate the pace of reform, and to institutionalise the reform process through the National Agenda, the elements of which are becoming more evident.

All phases of the National Agenda, without exception, demand the conviction and participation of all Jordanians, because citizenship is not simply a relation of gains with the state, but rather a productive partnership, and a shared destiny. Therefore, success can only be guaranteed through the efforts of all and the accumulation of achievements.

Although the core of the National Agenda appears to be economic reform, the agenda in fact establishes a comprehensive reform process that includes eradicating poverty and unemployment, improving living standards, and raising income. Achieving these objectives necessitates creating jobs and enhancing productivity to attain well-being and prosperity. It should also be stressed that reform also includes political, judicial and media reform, as well as freedom of speech and investment in human capital, our most valuable asset.

Reform also includes equal opportunities, education, training, knowledge-oriented education, technology and market demands. Guided by these imperatives, we reiterate our call for the private sector to enhance its partnership with the public sector. The private sector has achieved, yet much remains to be done. We call on the private sector, which is the main engine for reform, to rise to the challenge.

We want and aspire for the government to establish similar relations with political forces, including political parties and civil society institutions. To achieve this, there should be transparency and accountability, and civil society should be committed to participation and guided by the same objectives.

We also reassert the importance of reconsidering administrative divisions in order to achieve decentralisation through the participation of all, in determining the priorities, and taking part in the decision-making process and implementation, not only through the government's strategy of accountability, but rather through legislation, which is major driver for comprehensive achievement.

Jordan will always be committed to its deep Arab roots. Therefore, we are keen to maintain constructive and equal relations with all Arab countries.

We shall always remain supportive of Iraq. We shall continue to support its people in their pursuit of unity and sovereignty in accordance with their sovereign, democratic choices.

Likewise, we shall continue, as always, to be supportive of the Palestinian people. We shall continue to support them in their yearning to achieve their rights, and to establish their independent state through the peace process. We assert our belief in the Road Map and the Arab Peace Initiative as the most practical and objective means to achieve the aspired objectives, without concessions in regard to the state or the future of the Palestinian people.

Our journey will not be completed without the strong support of our army and security agencies. They are the nation’s impregnable shield and the guarantor of its security, independence, and stability. Therefore, support for them is tops our priorities.

We call upon you today, to hold the honour of public service by entrusting you with the formation of the Jordanian government, with the continuation of the vision and commitment.

We have selected you on account of your wisdom and maturity, experience and knowledge, and particularly due to your sincere belief in reform and your readiness to sacrifice and perform.

I wish you every success in selecting a team of efficient ministers, who believe in institutional work and are ready to give and offer without restraint, never despairing from obstacles and difficulties, to live up to Jordan's level of aspirations, and the ambitions of our courageous, worthy and capable people.

In God we trust.

Peace, God's mercy and His blessings upon you,

Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein
Amman, 5 April 2005