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Remarks by His Majesty King Abdullah II
At the Luncheon Marking the 30th Anniversary of Sino-Jordanian Diplomatic Relations
Beijing, China
31 October 2007

It is a great pleasure and honour to welcome you all. Councillor Tang, I especially thank you for being here with us today. May I say on behalf of our entire delegation, how much we appreciate China's great hospitality. We had excellent discussions in our meetings yesterday with China's leaders and with members of the academic community. And I look forward to further meetings with business leaders in Shanghai.

I have been to Beijing almost every year since assuming my duties. And every time I visit, I find a new, dynamic reality. In 283 days, this great city will celebrate the opening of the Beijing Olympics ... a celebration that will be tremendous. And I can assure you, my family and I will be among the 4 billion people around the world who will be watching the games. I know they will see the China I see ... a model of success and accomplishment that echoes its glorious past, not only in what it has achieved, but in the spirit of its people.

My friends,

I believe that China has a major role in the world today. And I am here this week to support and welcome that role, and to assure you of Jordan's continuing partnership.

Our peoples have shared historic ties, in commerce, scholarship, diplomacy and other fields. But today we share something more, and that is our vision and our will - to build a strong and successful future ... one that can provide the prosperity our people want, the opportunities they deserve, and the security they depend on.

These goals are the driving force behind reform and development in both our countries. And there is a new era of cooperation between us, as well.

In this century, no nation will advance in isolation. But visionary countries are going beyond that basic reality, and seeking partnerships that will maximize their efforts and speed success. I'm talking about cross-border mechanisms that harmonise our capabilities and resources, to create tremendous mutual value.

My friends,

We need practical means that will ensure we do not miss any opportunity. Exchanges like this one, which bring leaders from across society, are essential. I am pleased that China shares our desire to move forward. Yesterday, the foreign ministers of Jordan and China launched the first session of the strategic dialogue between our countries. Jordan and China also signed bilateral agreements in many important economic areas. The Jordan Investment Board is establishing a representative office in Beijing, the fourth such office in the world. Later today in Shanghai we shall also witness the signing of several business agreements that will advance trade and investment between our countries.

I've talked about our shared interests and goals, let me also mention a shared distinction. This year, the Great Wall of China, and Petra in Jordan, were chosen by global acclaim as two of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

No one can see either monument without awe. But what may be most wonderful about them is what they tell us about human enterprise and the impact it can have, throughout the generations and throughout the world.

The builders of the Great Wall and Petra left the marks of their great innovation and courage. What we can also achieve can be just as lasting, and just as inspiring. It is the future for billions of people, and we must succeed. Working together, I believe we will. And I thank you for joining us today.