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Speech of His Majesty King Abdullah II
King condoles Chinese victims of Amman terror attacks
Amman, Jordan
11 November 2005

The following is a transcript of His Majesty King Abdullah II's message of condolence to Chinese victims of the Amman terror attacks:

If you allow me on behalf of myself, my family, my countrymen, and members of the Jordanian armed forces, to express our deepest condolences not only to the officers but…to the families, our dear friends, who suffered so much in the past two days.

I know it is very difficult to express in words the sorrow that we feel as well as the sorrow that the families are going through now… I want you to know that we are all feeling for you, all the people here in Jordan, for what the families will go through and to know that you are not alone.

In this tragic incident, we all here in this room, lost some dear and loved colleagues and friends and family.

And I wish that in my visit to your nation in the following month that I will have the ability to visit some of the families personally to again express our sorrow and condolences in your homes when I come to your country next month.

For the rest of you and the military delegation, we have had a long historical relationship built between His late Majesty King Hussein and the people of China.

This is an honor and a legacy that I felt that I can carry on to strengthen the relationship between our two nations.

We have all suffered from the scourge of terrorism, but our friendship and our unity and the strength of our brotherhood will not let these people be victorious.

So I hope that you will have a safe trip back to China and I hope that we will see many of you back in our country soon…