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Speech of His Majesty King Abdullah II
On the Tenth Anniversary of the Assumption of Constitutional Powers
Amman, Jordan
8 June 2009

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate,

Prayers and peace be upon our master, the honest Arab Hashemite Prophet,

Dear Loyal Jordanian Brothers and Sisters,
Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you,

I thought I would speak to you today as you celebrate ten years since I assumed the primary responsibility for leading Jordan. I am pleased on this occasion to salute and convey my pride and my appreciation for each and every one of you, teacher and student, soldier and farmer, worker and employee, and to everyone who contributes to the building of our nation.

I thank you deeply for standing by my side and supporting me in facing the challenges and realising achievements. For, I have drawn my determination from your determination and strength from your will. And in the promising Jordanian youth, I find my hope.

We have all learned in the school of Al Hussein the Builder, may he rest in peace, that responsibility is work and devotion, and serving you and working to achieve your ambitions is an honour unparalleled, except by the honour of sacrificing one’s self for our dear Jordan.

My field visits to you in the Badia, the countryside, the cities and camps were opportunities to understand your concerns, and your high morale lifted my spirits. This is what has given me determination and strength to achieve your ambitions and provide the conditions for a decent life for you: for you are the people of dignity and pride. And to me, your dignity comes before all else. You are my family and my tribe, who have withstood testing times, and have said, "I will do anything for Jordan."

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The past ten years have been a continuation of the development process initiated by our forefathers. Through this process, much has been achieved, and we have built on what was established by the founding father and Al Hussein, may they rest in peace. And, thank God, Jordan today is stronger and better than ever. We have surpassed many challenges and difficult circumstances. This is Jordan: the Jordan whose challenges and hardships make it stronger and more steadfast and more determined to reach the highest achievements, even with minimal resources and capabilities.

The responsibility of building the nation and achieving comprehensive development is not solely of the leader, but is a duty of every individual, and every citizen bears part of the responsibility. Youth should have the biggest role in building the future of our nation.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The primary priority was and remains improving citizens’ standards of living and addressing problems of poverty and unemployment and providing the best health and educational services to citizens. We have based our vision for Jordan’s future on investing in Jordanians in terms of their education and training; on providing job opportunities for all youth; on institutionalising participation in decision making; on applying decentralised management and fostering the principles of transparency, accountability and responsibility and achieving justice and equality for all.

Despite all that we have achieved over the past 10 years, there is more work to be done and still more to achieve.

We are determined to comprehensively review and evaluate our experience of the past years. This is essential to avoid the pitfalls and inefficiencies that may have occurred and to revive the role and performance of institutions so as to accelerate the process of reform, modernisation and development, whose results are felt by citizens and will make Jordan a strong and prosperous nation.

Brothers and Sisters,

Our democratic process is the only insurance of Jordanians’ human rights and their freedom and dignity. And only by adhering to the spirit of the Constitution can we protect our advance from regression or deviation from the path. And I have said before that work and dedication are the measure of good citizenship and national belonging and that protecting national unity is a sacred duty that supersedes all other considerations.

As for my comrades in the armed forces and security institutions, I send my greetings and pride and appreciation to every soldier, non-commissioned officer and officer in every station. They are the symbol of sacrifice, devotion and belonging. They are the guardians of this nation and the banner of Jordan that will continue to wave as high as the peaks of Jordan’s mountains, with dignity and integrity, just as the heads of Jordanians will bow to no one except God.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jordan remains the Jordan of Arabism and Islam, loyal to its message and Arab and Islamic principles. It will remain loyal to the Palestinian cause, for it is the cause of Jordan and Jordanians, just as it is the cause of the Palestinians. Our sons have been martyred, just as theirs have. We have shared our daily bread with them, and we have borne with them burdens that were beyond our capacity to bear. And it is the Palestinians’ right to enjoy our continued support until they establish their independent state on Palestinian soil; for the Palestinians are our family and our brothers, and we are closest to them in blood ties, in suffering and fate.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Achieving these lofty goals depends on our will, work and sacrifice, and you are the people of will, of determination and of sacrifice. I am confident that with you and through you, hand in hand, we will build the Jordan of the future, impenetrable and prosperous. The Jordan we desire for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. The Jordan where every human being enjoys security, freedom and a decent life. The Jordan that is a testament to the Jordanian will and dignity. Where the Jordanian is stronger than all challenges. Where the Jordanian labours and proudly holds his head high even while he may suffer from poverty and need. Because for the Jordanian, dignity is dearer and more cherished than anything in this world.

God bless you all.

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.