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Remarks by His Majesty King Abdullah II
At King Hussein Medical Centre
Amman, Jordan
7 February 2009

(Translated from Arabic)

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate,

My Dear Brothers,
I salute your efforts.

I wanted to join your celebration today, commemorating the life of Al Hussein [King Hussein Bin Talal]; Al Hussein the leader, the builder and the humanitarian, may he rest in peace.

Al Hussein departed this world ten years ago today and left to Jordan and the Jordanians great achievements in all spheres of life - medical, educational, economic, social and others. These achievements would not have been realised had it not been for Al Hussein's will and the determination and sacrifices of the sons and daughters of this nation. They have made huge strides despite limited resources and despite the war, conflict and instability faced by the peoples of this region throughout the past decades.

We meet today to express our pride in and our appreciation of the many favours with which we were endowed by Al Hussein and his companions. They made possible these achievements that should serve as a model and a source of inspiration for us, so that we will continue to build on these achievements and strive for more in all spheres of life.

This centre, King Hussein Medical Centre, was Al Hussein's gift to the sons and daughters of this generous nation. It is a valuable and cherished gift that has a special place in the hearts and minds of every Jordanian. Out of our loyalty to Al Hussein and as part of our duty to our country and people, we must preserve this civic achievement.

We will work to develop and modernise this great medical facility - to expand its resources and capabilities and provide it with the latest technology and efficient human resources. This support will enable it to carry out its noble humanitarian mission and preserve its distinguished services and prestige.

Here today, I announce the launch of a campaign to rally our friends, Al Hussein's friends and other concerned parties around the world to secure the necessary funding - JD200 million - to upgrade the King Hussein Medical Centre.

Once again, my brothers, let me reiterate that my pride in you and in the King Hussein Medical Centre is unlimited. Rest assured that this institution has my unwavering attention and care, and God willing, we will soon draft plans and programmes that will be implemented without delay to develop and modernise this important medical facility.

I salute you and appreciate your efforts and those of every Jordanian in this beloved country.