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Interfaith Dialogue

Can you make a difference? The Quran tells us, explicitly, that if a person saves one life, it is as if he has saved all mankind. Such humanity is in the deepest spirit of all the People of the Book. Indeed, it's part of all great world teachings…

My country's vision is of an open, modern civil society rooted in true Arab-Islamic values: peace; the equal dignity of all people; the rule of law; and the pursuit of excellence. We strongly believe in tolerance and respect for others. Last November, Jordan issued the Amman Message to all Muslims and others around the world, reaffirming the true Islam of peace, moderation and progress…

The more serious challenge however, facing our Muslim peoples is the unjust accusations that Islam and Muslims are being subjected to and the continuous efforts to link Islam and Muslims with terrorism. This is happening due to others' ignorance of the principles of Islam and their malpractices that have no relation to Islam. It is one of our holiest duties as Muslims to portray Islam to others in its real form, that of a religion of tolerance, moderation, and rational and logical dialogue that shuns all forms of fanaticism and terrorism…