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Middle East Peace and Security

The choice is ours: an open world full of promise, progress and justice for all; or a closed world of divided peoples, fear and unfulfilled dreams. Nothing impacts this choice more than the future of peace in the Middle East…

…World shaping events and changes are not just challenges, they are choices. We have the power to shift the equations – whether it is peace and war; or poverty and prosperity – by what we do, together, to understand and take action…

If we don't solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem, then how can we ever solve the Israeli-Arab problem?

Walking away from these challenges is not an option. Their impact extends to every corner of the world. We must confront these dangers, think in new ways about how peace and progress can be achieved – and act…

In building trust, dialogue – however important – is no substitute for action. We must live up to our commitment to justice and peace. This brings me to the subject of conflict resolution. And nowhere is it more important than in my region, the Middle East…