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Reform and Development

Every time a dollar is spent on war or on occupation, it is one less dollar spent on a school, on infrastructure, on child health, on finding solutions to the region’s shared water problem.

We cannot lose sight of one key fact: the most critical challenge to the region's development is conflict. And our efforts as partners will be for naught unless Middle East peace remains our top priority.

“The armed forces is a major partner in comprehensive development, especially as it concerns training human resources, establishing productive enterprise and providing basic services of education and healthcare.”

Through enhancing productivity, as well as ensuring a higher level of per capita income, we are striving to graduate out of the lower-middle-income country bracket into higher developmental classifications. The challenge that remains, however, is to ensure an equitable distribution of the fruits of this growth…

Our goal is to continue to aggressively develop the competitiveness of our economy, to ensure more rapid growth and to decrease the economy's dependence on foreign grants, thus helping us to graduate from reliance on aid to trade-led growth…