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Interfaith Dialogue

Jerusalem should be a symbol of harmony, of peace between the three monotheistic faiths. A city closed to the any of the followers of the three monotheistic religions is a catastrophe

There must be a new and global dialogue among people of different faiths and civilisations. Such a dialogue is essential, to reveal the commonalities that unite humanity… It teaches people to respect their differences. It opens eyes and hearts to the beauty of diversity. It helps disentangle fact from fiction. And it exposes the fraudulence of extremist teachings.

It is impossible to talk about interfaith harmony, especially between East and West, without also discussing conflict resolution in the Middle East.

“Our combined resources and geo-economic position make the Islamic world key to every major economic issue of our time – from creating a green global economy, to energy sustainability, and more.”

“It is you, and your colleagues across the Muslim world, who will create alternatives for our youth – power not powerlessness; opportunity not frustration; hope not anger.”