Official website of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein
“…Democracy has been shown to be viable in all kinds of societies. Why should it not be viable in Arab society? The extraordinary nature of democracy is that it affords many models; there is no one Western model and no one correct model. The “correct” model for any country is the one that is home-grown, achieved through national consensus and that works practically for all its citizens… and this is what Jordanians aspire to.”

Jordan's basic goal is a society that empowers its people and offers opportunity to all. That means an inclusive, democratic civil society, one that provides real hope and real solutions – political and economic stability, economic growth, and genuine social empowerment…

Democracy is a way of life we have accepted for ourselves, and we will not swerve from this course, regardless of the difficulties and the challenges… We must exercise this democratic course of action with the highest sense of responsibility and a deep understanding of the concept of freedom...

Democracy remains incomplete unless supported by political pluralism. For this reason, we support the formation of national political parties and people's membership in these parties so long as they are guided by the Constitution and abide by the laws enacted in accordance with the Constitution. We call on all citizens to participate in the national political development process through participation in the legislative elections...

We will take steps to ensure that democracy is not just a set of laws establishing the framework for political activity, but a process embedded in our daily practice...