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Education and Health
“King Hussein Medical Centre was Al Hussein's gift to the sons and daughters of this generous nation. It is a valuable and cherished gift that has a special place in the hearts and minds of every Jordanian. Out of our loyalty to Al Hussein and as part of our duty to our country and people, we must preserve this civic achievement.”

I am especially aware of the role of scholars and students in making progress happen. Where others see unsolvable problems, you see paths that can lead to answers and successful action. This is the tradition of great scholarship of which you are a part…

Education is … an enabler, not only of productivity and success but also, of responsible citizenship. What's needed are connections as well as curriculum standards – support systems to encourage great thinking and innovation...

To thrive throughout your life, you must be prepared to think your way through change and growth and challenge. The best schools foster critical thinking and a restless curiosity. And strong ethics – respect for other people and other viewpoints; honesty; responsibility; compassion…

Perhaps most important, we've made a major investment in education. Jordan has expanded access to quality education, raised curriculum standards, increased teacher training, put computers in classrooms across the country and taught English language early...