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Extremism and Terrorism

…The terrorists, who carried out this and other terror attacks that struck other Arab and Islamic states including Jordan, do not represent Arabs and Muslims nor our religion and its values and teachings

The bombings in Amman are evidence of the common threat we face. In the few years since this century began, extremists have hit New York, Madrid, London, Riyadh, Sharm El Sheikh, Istanbul, Casablanca, Bali and more. Their aims are clear. They seek to undermine public confidence in open society as well as the rule of law. They feed on discontent, frustration and ignorance…

Let it be clear to everyone that we will pursue these terrorists and those who aid them; we will reach them wherever they are, pull them from their lairs and submit them to justice. Jordan does not bow to coercion. We will not be intimidated into altering our position, nor will we abandon our convictions or forfeit our role in the fight against terrorism in all its forms. To the contrary, every act of terrorism strengthens our resolve to adhere to our convictions and to confront, with all means at our disposal, those who seek to undermine the security and stability of this country…

Globally, we must work together against terror and to bridge economic and cultural divides…

I am aware that the term Muslim extremist is being used. Nevertheless, I think extremists, who, in the name of God, strike at defenceless people and disgrace man's dignity cannot be Muslims, nor can they be Christians…