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I am optimistic about Iraq because I believe in the Iraqi people and the vision of their nation to move forward

Iraq needs more than moral support … Iraq needs effective assistance on the ground

We should all help Iraqis in the formation of a strong national government. Here, I call on our brothers in Iraq to recognise the gravity of the situation, and not to listen to those who promote division, internal discord and the division of Iraqis into Sunni, Shiite, Kurdish and Turkman. Iraq should be for all Iraqis, not just for one faction at the expense of others. The truth is that those who bombed the holy shrines of the two imams at Samara and who desecrated the mosques, do not represent Islam. They aspire to ignite internal discord in Iraq…

…We are all hoping, I think, everybody in the world, that at the end of the day, Iraq will be part of the international community. Iraq has tremendous historical ancient impact in our part of the world. It is the cradle of civilisation as far as many of us are concerned. So, Iraq needs to succeed, needs to be part of the international community if the Middle East is going to be able to move forward…

Mr. Chairman, the situation in Iraq is another great challenge. Iraq is an important member of the movement as well as the League of Arab States. The crisis unfolding there has dire consequences for the world…