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The Hashemites
Third Restoration

By the late 1980s, the dome was again beginning to dull and damage resulting from regional violence could be seen on both the interior and exterior. The late King Hussein again initiated preservation of the holy sites. Under his instruction, Jordan's Ministry of Awqaf commissioned the Irish construction firm, Mivan, to undertake the unprecedented job of gilding the dome with five thousand new glittering gold plates, as well as rebuilding the roof supports, repairing the basic structure of the building and fireproofing the compound. Special attention was also paid to the restoration of the Minbar of Salaheddin and to the selection of the materials, which most closely resembled those originally used.

The late King Hussein spent more than US$8 million of his own resources, selling a house in London to finance the project, which was widely acclaimed as one of the most ambitious religious restoration jobs in history.