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Royal Palaces
Zahran Palace
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Zahran Palace was the fourth to be built in Amman, and the first palace to be built outside the Royal Court compound. It was constructed in 1957 in what was then–and remains--a diplomatic neighbourhood in West Amman. Zahran, (‘blooming-flowering’) is similar to Raghadan in terms of the simplicity and beauty of its architecture.

© Royal Hashemite Court Archives

Zahran was the home of Queen Mother Zain Al Sharaf until her passing on 26 April 1994. After her death, Zahran Palace, located on the eponymous Zahran Street that runs through the heart of Jabal Amman, became a venue for official ceremonies and social events, such as royal weddings. His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania married in Zahran Palace on 10 June 1993. Zahran's garden also hosts Jordan's official Independence Day celebrations.