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King Abdullah II Meets with Heads of Boards and Representatives of World Companies
Amman, 26 January 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II affirmed that Jordan's success in achieving economic progress despite the difficult regional circumstance is important and exceptional.

During his meeting with heads of boards and representatives of world companies, His Majesty expressed determination to achieve the goals drawn for building modern Jordan and investment in the future.

The King set forward new ideas and mechanism for attracting more investment to Jordan and the region, particularly in the field of information technology and education.

His Majesty pointed out that Jordan is working intensively to invest in education and to give students the opportunity to be involved in scientific fields consistent with the working market's requirements. Volume of investment in education in Jordan from the beginning of 2001 to the end of 2005 will reach $ 500 m., he said.

His Majesty reviewed the accomplishments Jordan has achieved during past years, such as increase of exports, increase of economic growth and signature of free trade agreements with the Arab countries, US and Europe.

His Majesty pointed out that achieving peace in the Middle East, which is full of young people armed with education and modern knowledge, will essentially affect the quality of life in it. If ambience of peace, security and stability would be there in the Middle East, then we could actively participate in the world's renaissance, His Majesty affirmed.

In another occasion, His Majesty chaired the meeting of the countries participating in launching the growing information technology markets, where the meeting agreed on a declaration of principals to be announced in the coming meeting during the first half of this year.

The initiative was launched last year, during WEF held in New York, by His Majesty King Abdullah II. The initiative includes eleven countries similar in acreage, nature, population and views regarding information technology, telecommunications and modern techniques.

His Majesty pointed out that the initiative will enable the participating countries easily deal with information technology and telecommunications means, the major base for human resources development and affording new job opportunities.

The initiative includes Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates Singapore, Italy Taiwan, Croatia, Bulgaria, Costa Rica and Estonia. New Zealand and Austria might later on join the group.