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King meets Karak residents
Kerak, 28 July 2011

His Majesty King Abdullah on Thursday instructed the government to implement development projects in Karak Governorate in the fields of health, education and services to improve living conditions of the southern area’s residents.
King Abdullah ordered JD10 million in financial support for Mutah University and directed the government to conduct a comprehensive survey of the medical and education sectors with the aim of improving the quality of services offered in the two fields.
At a meeting with tribal leaders and notables from the governorate, which lies 130km south of Amman, the King also instructed the authorities to establish a craftsmans’ zone, build free houses for the poor, complete several infrastructure projects and open the door to young people's recruitment into the Jordan Armed Forces and the security institutions.
The governorate’s representatives voiced support for continued reform efforts in the Kingdom and called for carrying on with the anti-corruption campaign, enhancing the living conditions of citizens and improving services.
Stressing that the country’s stability and security are inviolable, they underlined the need to preserve national unity and social coherence.
Senator Nazih Ammarin called for social justice and fighting corruption, stressing that national unity is key to overcoming the challenges at hand.
MP Atef Tarawneh suggested establishing a fund to develop Karak, to be partially financed by contributions from companies working in the southern region.
Mustafa Rawashdeh, a leading educational activist from the governorate, commended the endorsement of the teachers' association draft law as key to improving the profession and the life quality of educators.
He added that combating poverty and ensuring equal opportunity for citizens play a great role in enhancing national unity and should be on top of reform plans.
The community leaders also called for implementing income-generating projects for women and addressing the issues of unemployment and poverty and supporting the youth.
During a visit to Salt Tuesday, King Abdullah announced a plan to establish a JD150 million fund to develop the socio-economic situation of citizens in the governorates.