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King Abdullah Affirms the Importance of Cooperation to Fight Terrorism
Amman, 15 October 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II affirmed the importance of cooperation among special forces in the Arab region and on the global level to fight terrorism.

His Majesty said during the opening of the Conference "Future Vision for the Special Forces in the 21st century to Fight the Changing Threat of Global Terrorism", held on the sidelines of Amman SOFEX 2002 Exhibition, that participation and helping the others are important to win the battle against terrorism. "Jordan's philosophy is based on the principle of cooperation to fight this phenomenon," the King added.

He voiced hope that the two-day conference will reach a constructive level of cooperation and establish joint channels for dialogue and the exchange of data with regard to fighting terrorism.

Prime Minister Ali Abul Ragheb for his part said that terrorism has become a universal menace to humanity and civilization, noting that the meeting comes as another attempt to gather international support, and define better ways to combat terrorism. "It testifies to the fact that terrorism knows no boundaries and threatens the lives of all on this planet, regardless of colour, race or nationality," the premier added.

The prime minister said that we in Jordan have long recognized the potential dangers and threats of terrorism. "As a country that has suffered its ravages for many years, and that knows only too well the destruction and pain that it causes, we have long been at the forefront in calling for more international coordination and cooperation to combat terrorism," he added.

Abul Ragheb pointed out that last year's tragic events in September were a major wake-up call for all, ushering in a new realism with regard to the proximity and gravity of the danger." It seemed for many that the civilized world was suddenly and unexpectedly forced into a new war, with no clear enemies, alliances or objectives," he added.

The prime minister said that our response to terrorism must be dictated by a unified global approach that unites the community of nations in a fight against terrorims and in an alliance for Global peace. "Indeed there is no not as effective a weapon with which to fight terrorism as peace, global peace, regional peace, domestic peace and even inner Peace," he added.

Abul Ragheb pointed out that 'our global partnership in the fight against terror, that seeks to enhance cooperation in the security and military domains, must be underpinned by a solid commitment to seek political peaceful resolutions of conflicts, to sustain social and economic development in the Southern countries, and mostly to provide hope and promise for the poor, the alienated and the desperate. "Reacting to terrorism is never truly sufficient, we must be proactive and preemptive. We must take the initiative before we are forced to deal with acts of terror of unconceivable magnitudes like those of September 11, 2001," he added.

Abul Ragheb said that Jordan, in the days following September 11, was quick to stress the need to avoid making the wrong or false association between Islam and terrorism, or to hold the Arabs and Muslims responsible for the terror attacks. "All Muslims know that terrorism and the spilling of innocent blood defy the teachings of Islam and the culture of modern society," he added.