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King and Schroeder Open Talks
Amman, 23 October 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder underlined the necessity to settle the Palestinian-Israeli issue and the Iraqi crisis through peaceful means and under the umbrella of the UN Security Council. They stressed that everybody should work together to succeed the action plan worked out by the international Quartet Committee to solve the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Talks between the two leaders covered ways to further cement bilateral cooperation to the best interest of the peoples in the two countries.

In joint press remarks following the meeting, King Abdullah said his talks with Schroeder were fruitful. He called upon the international community to exert every possible effort to push the Middle East peace process forward.

The King also hoped that dialogue would offer the opportunity to settle the crisis between the Iraq and the UN.

Jordan and Germany have renewed their commitment to fight terrorism and extremism, King Abdullah sated to reporters.

The German Chancellor described relations with Jordan as excellent and that Germany would continue its assistance program to Jordan. He also called for finding a solution to conflict in the Middle East as soon as possible.

In a speech delivered before a gathering of German officials at Berlin Municipality, King Abdullah said this city will remain forever, in the eyes of the world, linked with the victory of humanity over destruction and division.

The characteristic of flexibility offered by this landmark is only an indicator on this great nation's commitment to reconstruction, the ensuring of stability and hope as well as to dialogue between cultures and faiths instead of destruction and despair, King Abdullah said.

"We are followers of a faith that calls for the acceptance of the other, for tolerance and forgiveness and we strive to build bridges of cooperation, trust and dialogue and adopt the positive change to move forward to a future rich in productivity, prosperity and satisfaction," the King said. "Our people enjoy peace with themselves and with their neighbors and we value our democracy and the inclusion of civil society," he added. "We will never stop our effort to give our hand to you and to our friends and neighbors because we will build our future together," the King also added.

For his part, Berlin Mayor Klaus Vuveret said on behalf of the people of Berlin, he welcomes a prominent leader from the Middle East. He highly appreciated King Abdullah's firm policy of noninterference in the internal affairs of the countries neighboring Jordan as well as the King's leading role to settle conflict in the region through peaceful means.

The future of the region and its economic development is contingent with its stability which can never come with ensuring security to the Israelis and establishing the Palestinian state to help them achieve their right in development and progress, the Mayor said. Economic growth in Jordan is the reward of King Abdullah's efforts, he added.