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King and Queen Return Home
Amman, 4 August 2002

Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania returned home Sunday following a tour that included France, Britain and USA, where His Majesty discussed with leaders of these countries the grave situation in the Palestinian territories and the tragic circumstances the Palestinian people are living under due to the continued occupation, siege and military escalation.

During his meeting with French President Jack Chirac, King Abdullah II explained the Palestinian people's suffering , particularly following the issuance of recent reports in this regard. The King highlighted the necessity to take practical steps to start peace negotiations, end the Israeli occupation and establish the Palestinian independent state within the coming three years.

His Majesty stressed the necessity that in the coming negotiations practical steps should be linked to commitments of all parties within a specified timeline, in order to ensure their success.

During his talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, His Majesty reaffirmed the importance of using all of the peace process's elements and linking them with a clear working plan to be agreed on by the international community and accepted by all concerned parties.

His Majesty urged for pooling international community efforts in order to avoid a human catastrophe in the Palestinian territories due to the continued Israeli occupation.

During his talks with U.S President George Bush, His Majesty stressed the importance to work for achieving progress on the ground that would turn visions of peace into reality. As His Majesty listened to President Bush's affirmation of full commitment to his vision of peace that would ensure the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the coming three years, His Majesty was keen on urging the U.S to rapidly interfere in order to lift the Palestinian's suffering by supporting the peace process and affording economic aid that would ease the siege and tragic situation the Palestinian people are living.

Concerning the Iraqi issue, His Majesty warned, during his meetings with the three leaders, that attacking Iraq will form a catastrophe for the region at large and will increase instability and chaos. His Majesty pointed out that dialogue is the sole means to tackle the Iraqi issue and solve all disputed issues between Iraq and the UN.

Addressing the American and European public opinion, His Majesty explained the Arab vision for the solution of the Palestinian issue and finding a mechanism to ease the suffering and social economic frustration the Palestinian people are currently passing through.

His Majesty pointed out that focusing on the Iraqi issue without any positive move towards the Palestinian issue and the Arab Israeli conflict raises disapproval.

Addressing Fortune congress, in Aspen, Colorado, His Majesty affirmed that it is high time to fulfill justice, peace and hope for the Palestinian people through a comprehensive and just solution that would end Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state, and ensure Israel's security.

His Majesty called also to achieve a comprehensive settlement that tackles the Syrian and Lebanese tracks in order to put an end to the Middle East dilemma.