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King Abdullah and President Bush Hold Summit Talks
Amman, 1 August 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday held talks with U.S President George Bush on the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and means to take practical steps to make progress on the ground in translating the peace visions into a tangible reality.

The two leaders affirmed the dire need all parties concerned to execute a peace blueprint into comprehensive steps conducive to the setting up of a viable sovereign Palestinian state within the coming three years.

Talks during the meeting attended by Royal Court Chief , Director of General Intelligence Department , Foreign Minister and Jordan's Ambassador to Washington, also underscored the tragic circumstances in Palestine. The Monarch voiced deep concerns over the plight of the palestinian people and the humanitarian catastrophe triggered by Israel's curfew of the self-rule Palestinian cities and the large-scale military offensives.

The King urged the US to take immediate action to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians and to offer economic aid to them. President Bush affirmed his unequivocal commitment to his Mideast peace blueprint on Palestinian statehood within the coming three years , noting the U.S is resolute to work with Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia via the 'quartet' to emerge with future peace steps.

"I will discuss with President Bush his tremendous commitment to bring peace and stability to the Middle East. You really gave us hope that we as Arab and Israelis will be able to move to a bright future. We are here to discuss how best to move the peace process forward. President Bush's unequivocal and strong commitment to help alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people, which is an extremely significant matter," said the King in a joint press conference with US President George Bush prior to their summit talks.

President Bush for his part noted " What we must do as a team is to bear responsibilities and fight off terrorist activities, that kill innocent lives. This includes the deployment of a security force in the Palestinian territories, that helps combat those attempting to sabotage peace prospects. I would like to thank His Majesty for his work with CIA Director George Tenet to best strategize means to help Palestinians ensure a more secure future".

"The Palestinians suffered for a long time and what we want our foreign policy to achieve is to help them. It is significant we have confidence in the Palestinian government. We want to have confidence that money sent to the Palestinian Authority is spent on the Palestinian people," added President Bush.

"I am committed to peace, but again when I talk about myself. I am personally committed to a vision to set up two states , where each respects the other and lives in harmony. There is a urgent need to forge a security force, that serves the peoples and not a specific leader and is resolute to fight off terrorism. Secondly, we should work together to lay out a constitution , that makes the institutions of the new state larger-than any figure and thirdly, we have to make sure that the Palestinian Authority is able, with transparency , to spend money on the Palestinian people," said President Bush in statements following talks with visiting King Abdullah of Jordan.

" I believe in convening of a peace conference within the coming three years. But we must have confidence in setting up a state. Some might say a single person may achieve this goal, but I don't believe in this. I think there are wise and competent Palestinians if they are given an opportunity to emerge as people committed to peace. I look forward to achieving this vision and it is the right one. Everybody is invited to shoulder their respective responsibilities," added President Bush.

"I back the peace blueprint of President Bush, who deeply understands the suffering of the Palestinians and Israelis in the region. What assures me is Bush's commitment to work hard to endow future hope to Arabs and Palestinians. We closely work with the President , who has the courage to bring peace and stability to the Middle East," said King Abdullah.