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King Abdullah II visit the Prime Ministry
Amman, 24 July 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II on Wednesday visited the Prime Ministry , where he discussed with Prime Minister Ali Abul Ragheb a number of economic and political home issues.

His Majesty expressed support to the government's steps taken to develop the economy and implement a number of economic and development projects that would enhance national economy and improve citizens' standard of living.

Abul Ragheb reviewed the government's efforts regarding a number of economic issues, particularly, pertaining the social and economic transformation program. He briefed His Majesty on the outcome of the government's negotiations with Paris Club, which lead to rescheduling part of Jordan's external debts.

His Majesty held a meeting in the Prime Ministry that focussed on Jordan's move, lead by His Majesty to support the brotherly Palestinian people and tackling the tragic situation they are living in the Palestinian territories.

Following the King's visit, Minister of Foreign Affairs Marwan Muasher told PETRA and JTV that discussions focussed on the King's coming tour to France, Britain and USA, and the message His Majesty is carrying to their leaders.

He said that there is international and American commitment to establish Palestinian state within three years period of time.

His Majesty wants us now to step the coming step following such a commitment, that is crystallizing a detailed working plan that would lead from now up till mid 2005, to ending the Israeli occupation and establishment of Palestinian state, Dr. Muahser said.

He stressed that the plan includes the two sides commitments, and timetables, in addition to a mechanism of review in order to ensure good implementation and that all parties are implementing what is required from them in the time specified time.

Dr. Muasher said that the King's second message is that concerning the tragic situation the Palestinians are living, where it reached completely unacceptable limits, and the West bank reports say that even children's vaccines are unaffordable.

The minister said that His Majesty is due to ask all of these countries to instantly move for tackling the serious human situation.

He stressed that the vicious Israeli raid Israel carried out last night is absolutely inexcusable. We do not only strongly condemn this raid, but also doubt the timing as it came in a time efforts to push the peace process forward and announcing ceasefire had been carried out, he affirmed. The raid came as if saying that Israel does not want such efforts and does not want the peace process to be pushed forward, he added.

We have announced and we are announcing that we have a clear plan for move to push the peace process forward and to reach ending Israeli occupation, but we, still, have been waiting the Israeli partner who wants the peace process pushed forward, not what took place last night, Dr. Muasher affirmed.

He said that there is consistent coordination with Arab brethren and there is a serious Arab move.