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King Abdullah II denies claims of American troops existence in Jordan
Amman, 15 July 2002

His Majesty King Abdullah II Monday denied existence of any American troops in Jordan and any understanding with USA concerning an offensive plan against Iraq. In an interview with NBC, His Majesty said that the Middle East region can not handle striking Iraq, particularly as the consequences of such a step can not be predicted.

His Majesty affirmed that, during his contacts and talks with international community, he noticed some expressing reservation while others rejection concerning a military strike against Iraq.

The King warned that military option is not the sound means for solving disputes with Baghdad. He called anew to resort to dialogue for solving the pending issues.

Responding to a question if US would alone strike Iraq, His Majesty said that it will find itself in a difficult situation unless it could convince the international community on the wisdom of striking Iraq, and that there will be a large opposition by the international community, as well as misunderstanding for such a step.

His Majesty stressed that striking Iraq will lead to severe frustration in the Arab world, especially under the light of prevailing belief that US has a special policy concerning the Middle East and does not look to the volume of destruction and consequences that might happen.

His Majesty said that the attempts of disintegrating and striking Iraq will lead to a catastrophe and will create uncontrollable case of violence around Iraq.