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King Entrusts Faisal El-Fayez to Form the New Government
Amman, 22 October 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II entrusted on Wednesday Faisal El-Fayez to form a new government that will succeed the government of Ali Abul Ragheb.

His Majesty determined the pillars of the government's work in the next phase through the letter of designation that he directed to the prime minister designate. "Today, we stand on the threshold of a new phase that will transfer Jordan to the future backed by our belief and your belief that we all represent Jordan," he added.

King Abdullah affirmed that political developments with all its dimensions tops our priorities, indicating that all sectors of the society and its political forces take part in this process where honesty, transparency, law, justice, genuine participation of women and youth exists.

King Abdullah said that we look forward to governments of ministers that show full commitments and work as one team.

His Majesty expressed full belief that adopting the mechanisms of implementing decisions and a basic methodology are the best guarantee to ensure the productivity of the ministers. "We look forward to and active government on the local, Arab and regional levels to be, as we have always been, supportive of the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples," he added.

The King said that he entrusted Al Fayez to form the new government to translate his vision that aim in the first place to improve the life of our citizens and ensure a prosperous future for our youth. "I have chosen you to form a new government that has the will and ability to achieve the aspired for change and achieve development and prosperity," he added.