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King Meets a Number of Deputies
Amman, 1 September 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II said that the active monitoring and legislative role of the parliament members is so important to achieve progress and development that we aspire for in Jordan.

During a meeting with a number of deputies at Raghadan Palace on Monday, the King affirmed his determination to move forward to realize political development. "Stability and security that Jordan enjoys enhances our approach towards political openness," King Abdullah said.

However, the King affirmed "political development requires parties that can feel Jordan's concerns and have practical and clear economic, political and social programs." "I look forward to the day when the citizen elects the deputy who represents him/her on the basis of the deputy's economic and political program and not on personal bases," King Abdullah said.

The deputies, the King said, have four years to work and cooperate with the government to make changes that are eventually in the interest of the Jordan people , improving their standards of living and curbing poverty and unemployment.

"The deputies and the government share the responsibility to achieve this goal, "he said.

King Abdullah urged deputies to present ideas for economic and social projects in their regions affirming his support to the ideas of the successful projects that would contribute to finding Job opportunities and improve citizens' lives.

"I am aware of the suffering of the jobless and their families including the poor ones, "the King said adding that his efforts are designed to achieve economic and social development that would ease their suffering and ensure the participation of all citizens in building the homeland.

During the meeting, which was attended by Parliament Speaker, Royal Court Minister, Royal Court Chief as well as the ministers of parliamentary affairs and interior, the deputies expressed their appreciation to the King's initiative to meet with members of the House from time to time and exchange views with them on various issues.

They also lauded the King's directives to support development projects in various governorates, most notably through King Abdullah Development Fund.

They also affirmed that the democratic dialogue led by King Abdullah forms a cornerstone for Jordan's democratic march.