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King's Interview with Al-Jazeera
Amman, 22 June 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II affirmed that activities at the World Economic Forum Extraordinary Annual Meeting currently held at the Dead Sea resort form a significant step to establish peace in the Middle East, implement the Roadmap and calm the situation in Iraq.

"We cooperated with everybody at the world level who showed their trust in Jordan's key role particularly with regard to the Palestinian and Iraqi issues," said King Abdullah in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera satellite channel.

The meetings and the reconciliation amongst the participants would help bring views closer together and that would help settle issues in the region, King Abdullah said.

On the mechanisms to implement the Roadmap, King Abdullah referred to in his opening speech, the King said meetings have been held today bringing together the Americans, the Russians, the Europeans and the UN officials in cooperation with the Palestinians and the Israelis. "We are optimistic about the next phase and the steps that have been accomplished to relaunch the peace process and I think with the end of these meetings the results will come up and we hope they will be positive," King Abdullah said.

On his vision to recon ciliate between the East and the West, King Abdullah said "dialogue is a basic pillar. I have seen that all parties from the west and from this region at the Dead Sea are on the same wave."

"I have also seen they have the serious desire to improve the situation in the region ... that is why I am optimistic," the King said.