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King's speech at the Seeds of Peace Annual Concert
Amman, 29 April 2003

His Majesty King Abdullah II said that the Middle East region faces many challenges that demand exerting more efforts toward the resolution of the Palestinian issue and the achievement of a just and comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace.

During a recorded speech that was delivered via video at the Seeds of Peace Annual Concert that was held in New York for Peace in the Middle East, His Majesty affirmed that this will not be easy as Israeli-Palestinian confrontation have undermined much of the progress, and created a sense of despair, and hopelessness. Jordan's permanent representative to the UN, Prince Zeid Raad attended the event on behalf of Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania.

His Majesty pointed out that we must hold on to our ability to shape the future for the sake of our children, both Arab and Israeli. He emphasized that now is the time to announce, to embrace and to implement the Peace Road Map, without any modification as soon as possible.

His Majesty pointed out that Arabs must also come to terms with their own political and economic challenges and to start addressing them seriously.

His Majesty asserted the need that the Iraqis should be the ones to choose how they want to shape their own future. He also emphasized the importance of having a credible national Iraqi government, representing all its people.

Seeds of Peace is an internationally recognised conflict-resolution and coexistence programme that works to help participants develop empathy, respect and communication skills in the hope of creating peace in the Middle East.