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King urges women lawmakers to help expedite reform process
Amman, 26 January 2014

His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday underscored the role of women parliamentarians and their continued contribution to serving national causes.

At a meeting with members of the Forum of Jordanian Parliamentarian Women as well as independent women MPs, King Abdullah said: “Our democratic drive is progressing in a well-examined, balanced and evolutionary manner that guarantees.”

His Majesty adds, “We are on the right track to build the future for our generations with strength, steadfastness and confidence.”

The meeting, attended by Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour, came as part of the King’s efforts to maintain contact with the various parliamentary blocs and coalitions.

Addressing the meeting, His Majesty stressed the importance of institutionalising the work of parliamentary blocs and coalitions in a manner that helps materialise the concept of parliamentary governments.

The King called for further consultation and cooperation between the government and Parliament on various issues of national interest, urging expedited efforts to endorse priority pieces of legislation that are expected to “reflect positively on Jordanians’ lives, push the reform and development process forward and boost public participation in the decision-making process”.

His Majesty also underlined economic challenges, stressing that by working together as one team, the government, the Parliament, the private sector and civil society institutions, “we will always be able to overcome challenges”.

Among the main challenges discussed was energy, where difficulties emerged mainly because of the disruption of Egyptian gas.

Moreover, the King stressed that the government and Parliament should work together to develop the governorates and provide the best services to citizens in their respective areas, cities and villages, in accordance with the plans that have been drawn up by the government recently for this purpose.

His Majesty also directed the premier to study the requests made at the meeting, look into issues that were raised and boost cooperation with the Lower House to arrive at solutions that meet the aspirations of all citizens.

Ensour stressed the government’s commitment to a fruitful relationship with the Lower House that serves the interests of citizens.

The premier said partnership with lawmakers needs well-defined priorities and a fixed timetable to carry out their joint work.

Regarding legislation regulating political life, Ensour said that it would be based on the roadmap outlined by His Majesty in the recent Speech from the Throne.

The MPs stressed their support of the King’s vision for reform, vowing to help accelerate work to endorse the laws in question, including new elections and political parties laws.

They commended His Majesty’s efforts and his continued contact with the citizens, especially during the difficult weather conditions in December, and his “exceptional efforts” to push all concerned parties to alleviate the impact of these conditions on citizens.

The MPs raised several issues of public concern, such as education and curricula development, assisting farmers, and empowering women and boosting their role in comprehensive development. They also highlighted several economic issues, including the need for renewable energy projects and a nuclear reactor to generate electricity.

The lawmakers also commended the Discussion Papers authored by His the King late 2012 and last year, aimed to trigger a wide public debate over political reform and other vital issues.

The meeting was attended by Royal Court Chief Fayez Tarawneh and His Majesty’s Office Director Imad Fakhoury.