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King receives thanks from chiefs of public security, intelligence departments
Amman, 15 June 2013

The General Intelligence Department (GID) is moving ahead with the implementation of a comprehensive development plan to improve its performance, GID Director Gen. Feisal Shobaki said Saturday.

In a letter to His Majesty King Abdullah expressing gratitude for the recent Royal decision to promote him to the rank of general, Shobaki said the department has gone "a long way" in implementing the plan.

He stressed that the department has implemented a number of "tangible" reforms based on the experience of this "national institution", which, he added, is an integral part of the Kingdom's reform process.

The GID will continue to honour its commitments and responsibilities, Shobaki said in the letter, adding that it will continue with its modernisation plan, based on professionalism and accountability.

He stressed that all of this will be in line with Jordanian values and the Kingdom's Constitution.

Newly promoted Public Security Department (PSD) Director General Gen. Tawfiq Tawalbeh also sent a letter to His Majesty on Saturday, thanking him for the promotion.

Tawalbeh noted that the PSD will spare no effort to safeguard the Kingdom, guided by principles of dignity, fairness, justice and human rights.

He added that PSD officers take pride in the King's praise of their performance and are determined to uphold their duties to the best of their abilities.