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‘Active citizenship’ essential to democratisation — King
Amman, 1 June 2013

His Majesty King Abdullah on Saturday stressed that the essential goal of Jordan’s reform process is to enhance citizens’ participation in decision making, which can be achieved through successive parliamentary cycles.

King Abdullah stressed that one of the key requirements in Jordan’s democratisation efforts is enhancing the role of civil society in monitoring and elevating the political performance of all institutions.

In the fourth in a series of discussion papers published online to stimulate political debate, His Majesty tackled political participation and active citizenship, introducing a new initiative to support social entrepreneurs, NGOs and CBOs.

In his first discussion paper, published in late December, around one month before the landmark parliamentary elections of January 23, the King called for full citizen engagement, not only in discussions with parliamentary candidates, but also among themselves and on all issues of public interest.

The second discussion paper, published a week before the parliamentary elections, dealt with the mechanism of forming the upcoming government.

In the third, His Majesty called on political parties to assist in the development and future sustainability of an all-encompassing national perspective in political life.

In Saturday’s paper, titled “Towards Democratic Empowerment and ‘Active Citizenship’,” the King laid out his vision for the process of democratisation and reform and how active citizenship can guide the way for Jordan’s future.