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King stresses gradual move to full-fledged parliamentary gov’t
Amman, 12 May 2013

His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday met with the speaker and members of the Lower House of Parliament saying that the rule of law is the most important pillar of the state, which guarantees democracy, security and stability.

King Abdullah called on the three branches of government – legislative, executive and judiciary – to cooperate in legislation and implementation of the law with firmness, courage, transparency and a zero-tolerance approach.

His Majesty said violence, whether at universities or in any other part of society, was not acceptable and should not be tolerated.

The King urged the three branches of government to fully shoulder their responsibilities and draft a plan to address the phenomenon of campus violence.

His Majesty congratulated the MPs on the successful consultations for the selection of the prime minister and urged them to work with determination towards a parliamentary code of conduct and by-laws that will lay down their responsibilities and translate them into practice.

His Majesty urged the MPs to always take into consideration national interests, as MPs shoulder the responsibility of ensuring adherence to the parliamentary system of government.

He urged them, as representatives of Jordanians, to reach out to citizens, acquaint them with the challenges facing Jordan and engage them in decision-making.

"Full cooperation between the legislative and executive authorities is a prerequisite for the success of reform, for addressing poverty and unemployment and for developing the governorates," the King added.

Speaking about the situation in Syria, His Majesty stressed that all possible measures will be taken to ensure the security and stability of Jordan. He also highlighted Jordan’s diplomatic efforts towards a transitional political solution that could avert Syria’s fragmentation or collapse.