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Royal Decree endorses new government
Amman, 11 October 2012

A Royal Decree was issued on Thursday endorsing a new government headed by Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour.

Following is a list of the new Cabinet members:

  • Abdullah Ensour: Prime Minister and Minister of Defence
  • Awad Khlaifat: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior
  • Abdul Salam Abbadi: Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
  • Suleiman Hafez: Minister of Finance
  • Nasser Judeh: Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Hatem Halawani: Minister of Industry and Trade and Minister of Information and Communications Technology
  • Alaa Batayneh: Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and Minister of Transport
  • Ghaleb Zu’bi: Minister of Justice
  • Jafar Hassan: Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
  • Wajih Owais: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Minister of Education
  • Yahya Kisbi: Minister of Public Works and Housing
  • Wajih Azaizeh: Minister of Social Development
  • Abdul Latif Wreikat: Minister of Health
  • Khleif Khawaldeh: Minister of Public Sector Development
  • Nayef Fayez: Minister of Tourism, Antiquities, and Minister of the Environment
  • Ahmad Khattab: Minister of Agriculture
  • Mahir Abul Samin: Minister of Municipal Affairs and Minister of Water and Irrigation
  • Nufan Ajarmeh: Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs
  • Samih Maaytah: Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications and Minister of Culture
  • Bassam Haddadin: Minister of Political Development and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
  • Nidal Qatamin: Minister of Labour

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour and members of his Cabinet were sworn in on Thursday before His Majesty King Abdullah, in the presence of Royal family members, the Royal Court Chief, the Director of His Majesty’s Office, the King's advisors and the Secretary General of the Royal Court.

The new premier vowed that the new government will take wise and courageous decisions to ensure that the reform process will stay on track.

In his reply to the Letter of Designation, Ensour said: “Our motto will be: prudence, courage in decision making, justice and transparent implementation.”

Responding to guidelines King Abdullah set in the Letter of Designation, the new prime minister said that his Cabinet believes in capitalising on the cumulative achievements made by successive governments.

The new government’s top priorities will be the parliamentary elections, said Ensour on Thursday, adding that he will keep channels of dialogue open with all political groups.

“The goal Your Majesty has set is clear, and so is the path leading to it: fair, free, transparent and flawless parliamentary elections that will enhance public confidence in the state. The government, as you expect, will lead dialogue with all political, partisan and social powers, without discrimination or preferential treatment, to encourage them to effectively take part in the elections.”

The premier said his Cabinet will be committed to supporting the judicial authority, allowing it to dedicate its plans to better the performance of its various branches.

He pointed out that his government will adopt prudent economic policies due to the hard times Jordan is going through.

Ensour added that the new Cabinet will speedily prepare a mid-term budget to be evaluated and studied by the upcoming Parliament. “The new government will spare no effort to attract investments, harnessing towards this goal Jordan’s competitive edge of security and stability.”

Also on Thursday, the King met with Fayez Tarawneh and his outgoing Cabinet and thanked them for their efforts during their tenure in office.