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Constitutional Court entrenches separation of powers - King
Amman, 15 October 2012

His Majesty King Abdullah met on Monday with Constitutional Court President Taher Hikmat and Constitutional Court members to emphasise his unconditional support for the Court's mission.

The meeting was attended by Royal Court Chief Riyad Abu Karaki and Director of His Majesty’s Office Imad Fakhoury.

In remarks to the Jordan News Agency, Petra, following the meeting King Abdullah pointed out that the Court is vital for the upcoming stage, as it entrenches separation and balance between the branches of government.

His Majesty said in the upcoming elections Jordanians will be able for the first time to vote for candidates running at the national, and not only local, level, and this is expected to boost the development of political parties throughout coming parliamentary terms.

His Majesty added that it will also be the first time the elections are run by the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) to bring about a new Parliament that reflects the will of the people and their desire for positive change.

The King pointed out that the number of registered voters, amounting to more than 2.25 million, indicates “keenness and willingness to participate, effectively and directly, in addressing the different challenges faced by the Kingdom”, adding that people “realise that any real change can only happen through democratic constitutional channels and institutions.”

His Majesty said constructive protest movements – ‘herak’ - have helped accelerate the pace of reform, urging these groups to institutionalise their work and participate in public life.

Civilised and peaceful protests “have in general boosted reform and gave a push to our reform process by highlighting the challenges Jordanian men and women are facing. We encourage these movements to institutionalise their work by adopting clear political, economic and social platforms and to exercise their constitutional right to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.”

His Majesty also warned the ‘herak’ against “intruders who seek to hijack the street to serve personal agendas.”

What distinguishes Jordanians is their history and legacy of tolerance and respect, he said. “We may disagree on political issues, but we share the same values. We are one nation, with one destiny, living in this Arab, Hashemite haven.”

The King stressed that “no group or segment of society should be excluded from the elections”.

While there is much room for development in various fields, “we should not allow the desire for immediate achievement of everyone’s aspirations to be of hindrance to the gradual and actual development of our reform process.”

His Majesty underlined the substantial role that Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour’s Cabinet has to play “in this important period in Jordan’s history”, urging government support for the IEC, which will be administering the elections in its entirety in a “transparent, unbiased and honest manner”.

The King also instructed the Cabinet to pay full attention to the implications of the hard economic times on the citizens, who come at the “top of our priorities”.