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His Majesty King Abdullah II Monday received Dutch Minister of Housing, Planning and Environment , the special envoy of UN General Secretary for the World Congress on Sustainable Environment , Jean Bronk who handed His Majesty a personal invitation from Kofi Annan to attend Earth Summit for Sustainable Development due to be held next September in Johannesburg.
Prime Minister Ali Abul Ragheb accompanied by Director of General Intelligence Department and Secretary of State Security Council General Saed Kheir made a visit to Saudi Arabia, Sunday during which he conveyed a written message from His Majesty King Abdullah II to King Fahed of Saudi Arabia dealing with the current situation on the Arab and international scenes with special reference to the situation in the Palestinian territories .
His Majesty King Abdullah II discussed on Sunday with Member of the Sub-Committee of the Middle East and South Asia at the US House of Representatives Deputy Kari Ackerman and Democratic Senator John Rockfelev as well as their accompanying delegation Jordanian-US ties, ways of promoting them and the current developments in the region.
One year after the opening of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ), His Majesty King Abdullah II was keen to follow up the size of accomplishments achieved in this zone on which the Jordanian economy pins high hopes to become an area for investment and tourism attraction at the Middle East level.
His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces patronized a farewell ceremony to the Armed Forces battalion Ethiopia/Eritrea III which left Amman on Wednesday to replace battalion II operating there.
His Majesty King Abdullah II received a phone call from Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf today to update His Majesty on the turbulent situation in the Indian subcontinent.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Sunday called , during a visit to Twal area of the Jordan valley, for considering the establishment of a pioneer agricultural project in which the private sector and citizens of the region would participate.
His Majesty King Abdullah II was briefed on the course of action in carrying out the economic and social transformation plan launched by the government last month.
His Majesty King Abdullah II received at Beit Al Barakah on Wednesday Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross Mission in Jordan Pascal Cuta on the occasion of the end of his term and Jee Meleih, who has been appointed to replace Cuta
In pursuit of his diligent efforts to calm down the situation in the Palestinian territories and prevent things from going beyond control, His Majesty King Abdullah, Monday made a telephone call with U.S Secretary of State Colin Powel.