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His Majesty king Abdullah II concluded on Tuesday an Asian tour that included South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Thailand.
His Majesty King Abdullah II, held talks on Sunday with Thai King BhumiBol Adulyadej on means to enhance bilateral relations.
His Majesty King Abdullah II Saturday arrived in Bangkok on a visit to Thailand upon an invitation by King BhumibBol Adulyadej.
His Majesty King Abdullah II and Chinese President Hun Jin Tao on Friday discussed bilateral relations in political, economic and cultural fields, and means to further enhance them.
His Majesty King Abdullah II stressed Jordan's desire to establish strategic relations with Hong Kong and benefit from its experiment in attracting foreign investments, most notably in the maritime field.
His Majesty King Abdullah started a working visit to the Republic of China during which he will meet with Chinese president Hu Jintao to discuss means of enhancing bilateral relations and the latest developments in the Middle East.
His Majesty King Abdullah met on Sunday with Korean minister of trade and foreign affairs Ban Ki-moon and discussed with him bilateral relations and means of enhancing them in the political and economic fields.
His Majesty King Abdullah II held talks on Saturday in Seoul with Korean President, Ruh Mu Heun, on bilateral relations and developments of regional situation, particularly in Iraq.
24 July 2004
His Majesty King Abdullah II arrived on Saturday in Korea in the outset of an Asian working tour that will also takehim to China, Hong Kong and Thailand.
His Majesty King Abdullah II, accompanied by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, on Thursday inaugurated the establishment of one of Jordan's most ambitious educational projects to date by breaking ground for the new King's Academy, modeled after Deerfield Academy in the US, inspired by King Abdullah's own experience at Deerfield.